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Archive for December 21st, 2007

Warranties are important

A Used Car Warranty is a guarantee given to the customer who buys a used car. Many do not know about the Used Car Warranty and even if they do know about these warranties they have very less knowledge about the things that are to be considered while buying a warranty. Just while you are […]

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Get a new warranty for a used car

A new car warranty is the program given by the car company and is given to only new cars, which are purchased from the showrooms or purchased on order. As the name itself suggests a new car is a vehicle which hasn’t been driven before and which has all brand new parts and accessories with […]

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Extend your car’s life with Aftermarket Warranty

Whenever you purchase a car it comes with an auto warranty, which is provided by the car company. Like all other warranties this one also expires whenever it reaches the mileage or time period mentioned in the warranty. So, after that whenever your vehicle has some problem you have to get it repaired which means […]

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