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Archive for December 10th, 2007

Best auto warranty tips

When purchasing the car, you need to understand the difference between car manufacturer auto warranty and extended auto warranty. If purchasing a new vehicle manufacturer auto warranty covers all wear and tear of the car for the duration of the car warranty such as the cars transmission, however it doesn’t not cover tires and brakes. […]

Vehicle auto warranties and repairs

In some states vehicle auto warranties are not required by law and therefore some consumers do not purchase them due to budget constraints or other various reasons. However, the consumer who does not purchase an auto warranty, when it comes time for repairs or servicing the vehicle owner may be out of pocket by $100’s […]

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Different Types of Vehicle Auto Warranties

There are many types of vehicle auto warranties in the automotive market. One of the most important vehicle auto warranty to consider is, the aftermarket vehicle auto warranty or commonly known as extended auto warranty. These warranties cover what is missing in other vehicle auto warranties. As a consumer these extended warranties can be expensive, […]

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